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Updated: Jan 22

Packing my bags quietly so as not to disturb Katie Cooper’s reading in the living room, she came into the bedroom and asked where I was going.

I ferociously stated that she already knew that I was going to Miami to celebrate my daughter Alexandra’s birthday.

She became so enraged, that upon returning from the bathroom, she was hovering over me threatening to hit me over the head with her hair dryer.

Telling her that I could literally see the evil spirits in her face and beady crimson eyes, I bade her my now usual smarmy farewell of “bye-bye” and went for my 8-mile Chi-Walk.

Upon returning 2 hours later, Katie had moved out again.

And this time the abandonment and rejection wound that my father created when he left my Mom, brother and me @ 4 years of age in San Francisco really, really opened!

Feeling like a loser in my severe codependency that I could not help another human being get rid of a lifetime of negative energy, I drove the 4 hours to Miami with a heavy heart.

My son Christian and Alexandra welcomed me as always with big smiles, heartfelt hugs and kisses on my cheek, and I instantly felt better joining their vibration of love.

We enjoyed a molto delizioso Italian dinner in South Beach Miami that I easily could have notched my fourth DUI after downing so many Dirty Martinis.

By the grace of Almighty God, we made it to my children's residence in Miami City Center and spent the rest of the evening bar-hopping until 4:00 A.M.

The next day nursing the BIGGEST of hangovers, I started crying on the beach lamenting that I missed Katie. (Really, Al???)

Christian, for the 1st time in his entire life raised his voice at me and reprimandingly said "that I needed to grow balls and learn to live by myself."

Having never, ever been without someone in my entire life except for a couple of months in 2006 postliminary my divorce after 29 years married , his words resonated like cathedral church bells in my heart.

I made up my mind driving back to Sarasota that I alone was responsible for my own happiness and did not need anyone in my life that was taking it away.

After smoking 2 marijuana joints ~ which again would have been my 4th DUI if stopped for speeding @ 220 kph, I decided to sprout some big eggs and was ready for whatever nest God would build for me.

Katie ~ much to my surprise, was sitting at the kitchen table and glared furiously at me as I entered.

Wondering how she got in, Katie confirmed that she had extra keys made including one for the deadbolt lock, that I hid from her whenever I really did not want her to enter.

The entire month of August a replay of the Invasion of Normandy, almost every day she would blast her cannons at me, as I doubled-down and returned fire just as quickly and destructively.

Things got so bad between us, that one morning when things seemed to be very calm, I said that "both of us deserved a much better life quality and that we should once and for all live apart."

We both desperately needed to SELF ACTUALIZE and grow spiritually, emotionally and mentally, and if it was meant to be ~ we would attract each other again in the 4th dimension.

Quietly sobbing and nodding her head in agreement, we prepared and ate a delicious breakfast together and while I went on my 8-mile hike she got dressed-up and drove to her sales presentation.

Actually kissing each other goodbye ~ which had not taken place in a very long time, I thought to myself that maybe my words did her good, and that maybe ~ just maybe, she would move out peacefully.

A perfect example of personality disorder, Katie Copper came home after supposedly a very successful business meeting, and said that she wanted to celebrate with a very long bath and that we would make love(?) right afterwards.

Thinking that she would walk out of the bathroom all sexy’d up, she started cursing at me for no reason whatsoever and slammed the bedroom door and out the window went the amor.

Having a very good friend in the hospital business that had