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As the 50,000 year old Aborigine culture teaches, it is critically important in all couplehoods for the partners:

“To always speak the truth from behind their eyes,” to create and maintain the SHARED GOAL OF ALTRUISTIC EQUALITY.

We must rid ourselves of ALL the following psychopathic patterns that no longer serve ourselves and our committed relationship:


purposely drawing away or refusing to talk, emotionally drains the partner to constantly ask “did I do or say something wrong; or “can I help you?”


closely paralleling the aloof drama, being “the poor me” causes the partner to try to help the other person or fix the victimizing situation, that created the psychotic mental construct in the 1st place.


wanting to be the hero “knight in white armor saving the damsel in distress” or the Marie Curie Syndrome.

Driven by the ego, seeking the praise or gratification of the partner for making things okay, when usually there is no need to.


when rebuffed by “the poor me” or “victim”, the rescuer now becomes the victimizer because of not feeling worthy enough to help.

The vast majority of the world's people are not working on their


Therefore, becoming slaves to the manipulated and weaponized brain murdering mainstream media distractions; as well as the purposely and insidiously controlled social approval platforms.

They are not able to take the necessary deep breaths and calm their minds before saying or doing something reactive that is hurtful.

Not that slapping or pushing the other person is correct, but linguistic atrocities cause massive emotional damage that can last a lifetime.

Emulating my Grandfather's behavior towards my Grandmother, I would purposely try to think of the cruelest comment that I could make to dominate Katie Cooper.

And that sometimes my verbal jab would leave her so speechless, that she could not even cry to purge the pain!

Everything in the universe is energy in motion, no matter how slow it is ~ even in a rock form.

When we are not in control of our mental capacities and emotions, we are vampirically constantly seeking energy from others, by psychotically believing that we are not good enough.


feeling insecure and wanting to be the "good boy" or the "good girl" by performing self-serving acts of kindness.

And/or showing how witty or cute we can be to get that dopamine kick of a “pat on the back”, “thumbs up”, "Amen" and/or “smiley face.”

On some occasions, very much like the rescuer syndrome.


feeling empty and not worthy enough to let go and let God, the need for domination takes over our minds.

And we are not happy until we achieve it ~ no matter how dastardly or demonically we misbehave.

We sometimes spin so totally out of control, we feel the need to become the victimizer.


the bottom-line mental root for both approval and control is the need to feel safe.