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Updated: Jan 26

Our goal is to promulgate the sanctity of matrimony throughout the world including Christ Yeshua in a DIVINE INTIMACY relationship.

The current negative social statistics are mind-blowing and staggering:

° Domestic violence taking place in 50% of all committed relationships

° Marriages in America lasting only 2 years ° 25-year-olds making love only 3 times per month ° Depression and sleep deprivation becoming pandemic ° HUGE masses addicted to mind-murdering/controlling:

marijuana, opioids, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, pornography and illegal drugs.

As well as CHILDREN are becoming addicted to violent video games, weaponized & manipulated social media and TV's brain programming entertainment. ° Reality show victim-hood dramas are leading to a rapidly increasing SUICIDE rate in America ~ the highest since World War 2! From the “American Foundation for Suicide Prevention”: “Opioid use increases suicidal rates among drug users and their children and families. The opioid epidemic may harm entire communities’ mental health. The entire community is “bleeding”.

Kids see less of a future, and they see more of their friends dying.

This might give us just one more reason to crack down on substance misuse and abuse. Social media is contributing to rising suicide rates because it leads to fewer meaningful personal interactions and encourages unhealthy comparison with others.” NOW IS THE TIME to truly heal ourselves 100% and stop skipping from partner to partner looking for love in all the wrong places, especially on-line dating sites and bars. What a horrible place to meet a potential partner when they are mind-altered by alcohol and not being their true selves.

These types of match-making situations especially on-line dating usually result in only DEALS ~ between people that are so unhealed that they seek only: ° COMPANIONSHIP = because they are so needy they cannot live by themselves and take the time to heal; as well as share space with a wrong-for-them and sometimes abusive person, just to not feel lonely. ° FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE = same as aforementioned only with money and what it can buy becoming the chief source of commonality in the relationship. ° CHILDREN = wanting to have a family irregardless of a horrible partner, just to have something to hold onto later on in their lives. ° ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP = as mentally sick as it is, some people like Katie Cooper seek relationships not only to not be lonely, but to fake working and be financially supported.

And as the final dopamine kicker ~ make someone else’s life miserable, because of their deep hatred for themselves. Please learn from my mistakes and my ensuing still-a-work-in-progress corrections.

Look at others and yourself only through The Holy Spirit's DIVINE LENSE.

This gift of self-discipline will bless you with seeing yourself and others exactly as God sees.

Not the previous YOU that had to meet other people's expectations to feel validated and wore a mask.

You will then start the healing process by truly loving yourself ~ so that you can love others and others can love you. Humbly ask our loving Father Yahweh to join you and your mate as the 3d partner in your relationship.

And you will open the door to DIVINE INTIMACY ~ a totally new, honest, healed and refreshingly FREE LIFE. And that will provide you with utmost joyfulness, strength, compassion and the highest highs of all:


Gender equality has its basis in the Bible as narrated in the creation story.

Genesis 1:27 states:

"So, God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him, male and female."

Christ Jesus spoke to women as he spoke to men, with frank and vital theology.

He treated women with dignity and took a genuine interest in their being treated equally!