Rachel Rosebloom is a New Testament Sage that we have been faithfully following due to her intensely researched and proven investigations, as well as her exciting and beautifully graphically enhanced videos.

Rachel's 3d documentary on eugenicist and pedophile Bill Gates is a scintillating expose on how he and his father have been a key part of The Cult that is hellbent on reducing the world's 7.7 Billion people to 500 Million, through their surreptitious guise of "population control" literally etched in granite at The Georgia Guidestones.

Providing the GMO seed money to Howard Schultz to launch Starbucks who serves Monsanto pesticide infected products purposely developed to create sickness and fertility problems, emulating Adolf Hitler ~The Gates of Hell want to destroy us "useless eaters."

For many years spending about $400.00 per month on trying to be Mr. Cool at Starbucks by ordering 6-shot cappuccinos accompanied by a slice of sometimes still cold unthawed marble cake, as The Who sang ~ "I WON'T BE FOOLED AGAIN!"

Gates personally responsible for killing and deforming a multitude of children in India while conducting "population control" experiments with his just as demonic wife Melinda, owns HUGE chunks of global food companies Cargill, Monsanto, and Bain Corporation AKA "The Bane of The World."

A Trillion dollar front for the CIA, "The Deep State" and steering the Federal Reserve, Bain's most famous criminals are Dick Cheney and The Church of Latter Day Saints' (give me a break!) front man Mitt Romney.


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