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Rubin "Hurricane" Carter was an American-Canadian middleweight boxer WRONGFULLY & PURPOSELY convicted of murder and later released following a petition of habeas corpus after unjustly serving almost 20 YEARS IN PRISON.

In 1966, Carter and his cousin John Artis were arrested for a triple homicide committed at the Lafayette Bar and Grill in Paterson, New Jersey.

Shortly after the killings @ 2:30 A.M., a car containing Carter, Artis and a third acquaintance was stopped by police outside the bar on their way home from a nearby nightclub.

They were summarily released; but after dropping off the third man Carter and Artis were stopped again as they were driving by the bar a second time 45 minutes later ~ and then formally arrested.

Arbitrary arrest, racially corrupt police profiling and framing of innocent Black Americans was especially systemic in that era and continues virally to this day.

Carter and Artis were interrogated non-stop for 17 hours, released and then re-arrested 2 weeks later.

In 1967, they were convicted of all three murders and given 3 concurrent life sentences to be served in Rahway State Prison. A retrial in 1976 again confirmed their life sentences, but was overturned in 1985 and Rubin was released at 48 years of age.

Thank God an attempt by African Black hating prosecutors to try the case a third time was rejected by the New Jersey Supreme Court; and Rubin was finally and forever vindicated for a crime he did not commit.

Most people entropically think that the satanic animosity towards blacks is limited to Deep South states like Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, etc. But hatred towards Black Americans runs coast-to-coast and North & South in The United States.

Lamentably, they were 1st stolen from their families while living peacefully on the West Coast of Africa in 1619 ~ 401 YEARS AGO!!!

4 Centuries have not changed the inherent white American mentality that Black folks are inferior and should be treated as 2nd class humans; unless they are entertainment or sport stars.

"The Hurricane's" final pretrial words before his release will always resound in my ears: "Hate put me in prison ~ but love will bust me out!"

John Carlos & Tommie Smith at 1968 Olympics.