K.J. Osborne is a fervently devout Christian and former Hollywood screenwriter.

For over 11 years K.J. has produced the YouTube channel "The Scariest Movie Ever Made", which depicts the actual world in which we live.

A meticulous fact checker of fact checkers, his latest masterpiece is TEOTWAWKI (The End of the World As We Know It)

Please invest a few minutes to learn THE TRUTH of this purposely planned "clown" world created by Lucifer and administered by his Satanic Freemason Pedophiliac Eugenicist 1 World Order Cartel.

As Christ Yeshua warned us during these apocalyptic end times, "we must have eyes that see and ears that hear to not be deceived."

Living in the greatest deception ever plotted against humankind, we must ask Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit in Hebrew) to help us view ALL these distractive events through His Divine Lense.

Our only focus should be on Christ Yeshua rapturing us before the very soon to be realized tribulation begins.

(775) Apocalypse Now intro: The Doors, The End {1979} - YouTube

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