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Before sharing with you all 491 pages of my 100% factual autobiography "My Zig~Zag To Healing" @ 1 page per day, I want you to know a little bit about me and why I wrote the book.

I was born in 1951 & ran rampant in San Francisco for 25 years and then thrived in Los Angeles for another 7 years, literally living the dream of the major cultural revolutions of the 20th century.

Global ground zero in the 1960's for The Summer of Love, San Francisco was a hotbed for drugs, rock music, hippies, women's lib, African-American rights, anti-Vietnam protests, gay pride, etc.

Golden Gate Park was my 4th dimensional backyard every weekend while smoking weed and dropping acid, yet trying to play an aristocratic game of croquet. (sure, Al!)

Los Angeles ~ especially Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Redondo Beach where I hung out most of my time in the 1970's, was the world's playground for extreme decadence and cocaine dependence. That's when my rear view mirror became my best spoon buddy.

Choosing Divine Intimacy as my path to healing and now almost 10 years TOTALLY clean, I was able to permanently conquer the 15 drug, sexual, alcohol and co-dependent addictions that residing in both California cities contributed to.

Choosing not to write my book for fame or fortune, I penned it to help heal my fellow sisters and brothers around the world by learning from my mistakes and walking their path arm-in-arm with Christ Yeshua.