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"THE WHITE KNIGHT OF THE SOUL": chapter 10 page ~ 2

The body pains so severe, I could not lift myself up from the mattress.

The very best that I could do was to roll myself over the edge of the bed and try to stand up.

Not being able to roll over like red rover, on my second attempt I almost fell into the little Christmas tree that Christine and I have traditionally placed by our bedroom window.

So I had no choice but to crawl on my hands and knees towards the closet and tried to hold onto the handles to see if I could stand up.

Not having imbibed any alcohol for at least two weeks, I could eerily smell my favorite cocktail's pungent odor of silver tequila mixed with grapefruit juice.

Sitting down with my back leaning against the closet, I felt the room turning like a merry-go-round.

I was literally having a déjà vu experience seeing the same Christmas tree and the same comforter on the bed exactly just like at another unknown time in eternity!

Praying to The Lord for help in what I considered an extremely dire situation, I immediately surrendered my will to His ~ confirming that if this was my time to leave the Earth, I was 100% ready to do so.

At that point feeling like I was straddling two different dimensions and not being able to stand up, I really thought I was dying!

Crawling to the adjacent bathroom sink to ring-out my T-shirt and pajama pants, I was able to at least kneel and hang them up on the heater radiators.

Dragging myself back to the closet, I continued trying to stand-up by leaning my back against the door and lifting my torso off the ground several times unsuccessfully.

Sitting dejectedly and scanning the entire room over and over again in déjà vu mode, I started to accept my situation as it was.

I closed my eyes entering into a deep prayer of love and gratitude for the extremely tremendous life that I had enjoyed.

The seconds that seemed like hours passed by and little by little I was returning into the third dimension.

Finally being able to stand, I showered and put on fresh clothes, straightened the bed and laid down staring at the bright lights of the little Christmas tree.

Pondering over and over what I had just experienced, I remembered that during my 90's New Age sage days of reading something having to do with the “dark night of the soul”.

I Googled the following article by Brianna Wiest that amazingly and perfectly described exactly what I went through and is still Divinely calibrating me on a daily basis.