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"THE WHITE KNIGHT OF THE SOUL": chapter 10 ~ page 7

I respectfully add my comments in italics after each of Brianna’s 18 points.

18 Signs You Are Experiencing A Dark Night Of The Soul, Otherwise Known As An Existential Crisis Avatar

By Brianna Wiest

Updated September 15, 2019 God & Man Yet and Started


Whether it's deciding that you want to do something you once loved very much and gave up ~ like a game, or a form of art, or even just letting yourself be silly now and again, you are letting yourself begin to revert back to your most innocent state.

Due to the Three Stooges being my idols when I was just six years old, I never had to discover my inner child, since it has been my faithful companion for 69 years.

Since birth, there is nothing more in life that I enjoy than being extremely silly as much as possible ~ even to the point of making what I call “little monster noises” in public; and then looking all around much to the people around me’s dismay, pretending to also wonder where that loud tomb-like sound is coming from!

Even though my father was a consummate percussionist who conducted his own 22 piece orchestra in his early 20s and my mother earned a gold-medal for her free hand oil painting of da Vinci's Last Supper at the ripe old age of 17, my inherited art form is now expressed in writing books and perfecting my culinary skills.

Due to my constant yearning to purify and heal my soul, mind and body ~ innocence as much as 3d dimensionally possible, is my normal and ultimate life's goal.

Blessed to be able to totally quiet my mind and encapsulate my conscious thoughts before they become words or actions that would hurt my Abba Yahweh (Father God in Hebrew) or brothers and sisters in Christ Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew), I live and vibrate as much as possible in powerful love, joy, peace and harmony.


You're slowly shaking awake and realizing that the majority of people are living on a numbed, disconnected autopilot in which everything from their interests to their life partners are chosen more by what "society" prefers, and less by how they really feel.

Experiencing autopilot many times while being totally stoned, drunk, coked-out etc., just a few decades back in San Francisco and Los Angeles, the HUGE majority of today’s humanity is completely mind controlled by the manipulated and weaponized media.

Social media platforms such as facebook/instagram and thanks to the soon-to-be trumped in hell forever ~ dondump's twitter are literally distracting humankind from their true selves.

What a disgrace that the supposed leader of what used to be the number 1 country in the world, trashed-down and dumbed-down using millennial social media to DICTATE domestic and foreign policy while sitting on the black house toilet eliminating his buckets of KFC.

13 satanic freemason pedophiliac eugenicist 1 world order families own 80% of the world’s assets and that their 5 wholly owned media companies are brainwashing the entire planet.

Mankind is controlled like sheep being forced to march single file to have their minds totally slaughtered by eugenicist bill gates' corona virus patented in 2006 and corona virus 5G activated tattoo vaccine patented in 2015.

Because most people choose to live a reality show existence full of drama, gossip, backstabbing and worshiping false idols that are created purposely by the mass media, it is no wonder that the significant partner of the majority of the world’s population is their cell phone.

Since most people are focused on being the first to get the dopamine kick of "thumbs up" and "smiley faces" and lamentably ignore working on themselves to eventually attract the best life partner ~ suicides and opioid addictions are skyrocketing because people cannot stand being alone!

Which is an extremely stupid and mindless thought when we finally realize that our Creator is always right by our side.

Like Christ Yeshua said: "bring the little children unto me."