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Updated: Apr 19, 2022


It is now an almost archaic and forgotten precept.

The satanic 1 World Orders' manipulated and weaponized mainstream mind-murdering CONTROL media:

° fake news

° alternative news

° distractive reports

° deceptive releases

° "APPROVAL SEAKING" social platforms

They are cancerously creating amongst the very few of us that want to know the real TRUTH, a crawling beehive of demonic falsehoods.

Accurately describing millenniums and decades ago “the zombies on Opioids” totalitarian dystopic "unreal" reality that we are living in RIGHT NOW are:

° The New Testament book of Revelation

° The Old Testament book of Daniel

° George Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm

° Aldus Huxley’s Brave New World

Believing 100% that The New Testament is still being written, we must abide by Yeshua's (Jesus in Hebrew) 33 declarations “TO NOT BE DECEIVED”.

False prophets being the norm, they are steering us in the wrong direction away from God and His TRUTH.

The Master’s teachings have literally fallen on the wayside.

DIVINE TRUST is based on exclusively knowing and embracing His perfect TRUTH.

When we know THE TRUTH and trust our Creator 100%, we are free like little children to adventure anywhere we want, frolicking in the safety of His loving arms.

Especially in today's entropic world, when we feverishly research and discover THE TRUTH, it is like finding a long hidden treasure.

We should then press our palms upward and scream:


That is how Christ Jesus could leave a flock of 99 sheep unattended, knowing and trusting THE TRUTH that His heavenly father would assure their safety.

Christ Yeshua taught us that even if just 1 of His 100 sheep could not find its way home, that He ~ the Good Shepherd, would leave the flock of 99 and go and search for the little 1.

Jesus acted upon deep unconditional TRUST in His Abba Yahweh (Father God in Hebrew), that the remaining 99 would not be attacked and eaten by wolves.

Yeshua would search everywhere and when He found the lamb however long it took, He would prop it upon his shoulders and invite all the other shepherds to join him in celebration!

How many of us in our fear-based world would have the courage and trust that the 99 left behind were in good hands?

Christ Yeshua declared: