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A true New Testament Sage, Really Graceful confirms precisely the goal of March 2020's plannedemic:

US Billionaires 10 TIMES RICHER Over Last 2 Years - YouTube

This satanic 1 World Order Cartel is pounding and beating the drums of NUCLEAR WAR in Yemen vs. Saudi Arabia (America's proxy), Russia versus The Ukraine (America's proxy) and Taiwan vs. China (America's proxy).

Seeking to further line their pockets with military spending at the American tax payer's demise, these anti-human GOLDEN CALFERS are hell bent on destroying OUR planet.

Purposely inducing FEAR & CREATING DISTRACTIONS to control the minds of humankind through their manipulated and weaponized mainstream media, these 10 evil men have:

° Doubled their wealth since THEIR MARCH 2020 PLANNEDEMIC from $700 BILLION to $1.5 TRILLION.

° Assured that simultaneously 99% of us "useless eaters" around the world have LOST financially and that 160 MILLION of us have been pushed into POVERTY.

° Invested heavily into BIG PHARMA, continuing their "scandemic" charade that the virus is our FOREVER global calamity.

° Insured that if they lose 99% of their wealth, they would still be richer than 99% of all of humankind.

An eminent author wrote:

"War was created so that Americans can learn geography!"

It is totally irrational that France reported 500,000 new C-19 cases last week and 2 days later proclaimed that they would lift certain safety protocols!

500 Million people remaining on the Earth out of our 8 Billion strong human family is their Luciferian magic #:

Destroying the Georgia Guidestones | reallygraceful - YouTube

Christ Yeshua declared:

"Father forgive them for they don't know what they do."


Zach Williams - Fear is a Liar (Live from Harding Prison) - YouTube

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