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One of the most important for me chapters of my next book "Temple Of The Holy Spirit", this extremely unique experience known more commonly as the “Dark Night of the Soul”, I changed the name to the “White Knight”, because of the direct involvement of The Holy Spirit during my fourth dimensional transformation.

Because of its length, I have segmented this chapter into 7 parts:

"Blessed with almost preternatural health throughout my 69 years on Earth, just before Christmas 2019 I caught an extremely rare virus that caused high fever and earthquake-like shivers.

Always being able to beat any onset flu symptoms through my mind-over-matter blessing, this was a totally different battle.

Completely knocked out by this Mohammed Ali-like heavyweight champion sickness, I would shower every morning and literally go back to bed and lay down unless Christine and I had an outside business appointment.

On December 23rd, Christine left our home at 2 o’clock to attend a circus with an old classmate while I lay in bed with an extremely high fever.

Eschewing chemicals except for a few doses of ibuprofen to diminish the extreme body pains, I took some homeopathic Belladonna that was very effective in reducing the fever; so much so that an intense shivering took its place.

Covering myself up as much as I could, I was trembling so severely that I was bouncing up and down on the bed like the girl in the movie “The Exorcist”.

Literally passing out from the severe body pains and shivering, I went into a profound deep, deep sleep where I experienced countless shocking dreams and nightmares.

Waking up totally drenched as if I had jumped into a swimming pool, my T-shirt and pajama pants were totally soaked and yet my bed was completely dry.

Looking out the window and seeing that there was still some light outside, I said to myself that this is utterly impossible 2 days after the Winter Solstice, when it usually starts to get dark around 3:30 P.M. in December, since Frankfurt, Germany is in the upper latitudes.

Truly believing that I had been asleep for at least eight hours, I could not fathom that it was only 20 minutes after 3!