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18 Signs You Are Experiencing A Dark Night Of The Soul, Otherwise Known As An Existential Crisis Avatar

By Brianna Wiest

Updated September 15, 2019 God & Man Yet and Started


For some people, this is an actual gagging motion. For others, it's gravitating toward healthier foods, feeling unexplainable chills, heaviness or lightness, wanting to sweat more, or declutter your home and social life.

In my case, the purge symptoms that had been already going on for at least three years were expressed in eating less (OMAD = One Meal A Day), feeling extremely light ~ almost ether- like and simplifying my tasks.

And purposely slowing down my mind and body to be 100% present in the NOW, as well as giving away or getting rid of things that no longer had meaning for me that others could use for their benefit.

What good were stacks and stacks of very fine clothes that I hardly ever wore? Just to satisfy my ego of looking at the insane abundance of them?

Giving away several large IKEA sacks of clothes was ~ pardon the pun, a burden off my back.

The same applied for taking my paralytic perfectionism down a few notches, by finally accepting things just as they were; as well as constantly changing old programs, patterns and protocols to make my life a lot easier and much more simple.


The feeling of being "stuck" usually comes up when we're beginning to recognize all of the limitations that we place on ourselves.

Feeling "lost" just means you are no longer living by the script you made up for yourself - you're opening up to a completely new way of living, and a totally new life... of course it feels like you don't know where you're headed.

Since this “dark night” process for me manifested totally backwards in my near-death or actually dying and coming back to life experience, I have been working on eliminating my self-induced limitations for several years.

Thank God I have never felt lost or stuck, because I changed the script that I wrote for myself when I quit smoking marijuana nine years ago after 45 years of horrific addiction.

Since I know that this third dimensional existence is only temporal, I really, really know

where I am headed ~ my ultimate goal in Heaven!


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