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Temple of the Holy Spirit

"You did not manifest yourself on this Earth; so express gratitude to your Creator by taking the very best care of your spirit, mind and body."


Self-help book stressing the vital importance of nutrition, exercise, sleeping, sex and prayer.

Hans Across The Water

Historical fiction narrative of my Great Grandfather Hans Schielzeth sailing from Cologne, Germany in 1880 with the Archbishop of Berlin and meeting my Great Grandmother Cruz Zaragoza in San Jose, Costa Rica who arrived on horseback from Bogota, Colombia.

Salts Of The Earth

Historical fiction story of my Great Grandfather Rosa Sanabria who managed a salt farm on the Guanacaste shores of Costa Rica and who met my Grandmother Camila Arellano and had 10 children; many who migrated to San Francisco.

If I Were A Carpenter

Historical fiction chronicle relating the life of Yeshua as a young apprentice to Yusef and a loving son to his mother Myriam, before beginning His ministry at age 30.



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To protect the innocent and those antagonists that are dead or still alive, I have purposely and respectfully changed the names of all of the people characterized in this book that contributed to the actual 100% true events that took place.

The only persons in the narratives whose real “names are named” ala Don Corleone are my wife Christine, daughter Alexandra and son Christian.

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